Steven Archer, Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, PhD, 1983, Colorado State University (Rangeland Ecosystem Science). Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry, Global Change Management, Plant and Soil Ecology, Ecology, Management, and Restoration of Rangelands.

Victor R. Baker, Regents Professor, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, PhD, 1971, The University of Colorado (Geology).  Paleohydrology, Geomorphology, Flood processes, Mars hydrology.

Ali Behrangi, University Distinguished Scholar and Associate Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Science. Joint Associate Professor, Civil Engineering-Engineering Mechanics and Geosciences.

Richard A. Bennett, Professor, Department of Geosciences, PhD, 1996, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Geophysics).  Space geodesy, active and neo-tectonics, and natural hazards

Heidi Brown, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department, PhD, 2007, Yale University, Division of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, Department of Epidemiology.

Gary Christopherson, Associate Professor of Practice, PhD, 2000, University of Arizona (Near Eastern Archeology). GIS, Cartography, Spatial analysis, Human dimensions modeling, Fire modeling, Social science spatial data.

Andrew C. Comrie, Professor, School of Geography and Developement. PhD, 1992, The Pennsylvania State Univerisity (Geography). Climate and health, synoptic climatology, Urban and regional air pollution, Climate variability and change in the Southwest United States, Techniques for mapping climate and environmental information.  

Kamel Didan, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering. PhD, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, and Modelling, ABE Dept., University of Arizona, 1999
Focus on the development of algorithms and data records using remote sensing, analytics, and models in order to generate highly calibrated time series data that inform climate-related and land use change influences on vegetation, carbon and nutrient cycles, ecosystem composition and function, and plant health and phenology over a wide range of biomes

Xiquan Dong, Professor, Hydrology, PhD, 1996, Pennsylvania State University, Atmospheric Sciences, his research can be summarized in the following areas(1) developing the cutting-edge cloud retrieval techniques in ground-based remote sensing, 2) developing innovative methods to validate satellite cloud retrievals using ground-based results, (3) improving GCM/WRF and reanalyses simulated cloud, radiation and precipitation using surface-satellite data, and (4) investigating regional extreme events and associated feedback processes.

Tom Evans, Professor, School of Geography & Development, PhD,1998, Geography, University of North Carolina. Spatial dimensions of social-ecological systems: Water & Food Secutiry, FooEnergy Water Nexus, Governance & Institutional Analysis, Environemntal Decision -Making, GIS, Remote Sensing and Spatial Modeling

Julia Green, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, PhD 2019, Columbia University. Biospshere-atmopshere interactions; Ecohydrology; Climate extremes; Remote sensing; Machine learning

Hoshin Gupta, Professor, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, PhD, 1984, Case Western Reserve University (Systems Engineering). Surface water hydrology, rainfall-runoff models, land-atmosphere transfer scheme models, flood forecasting,hydrology of semi-arid regions. 

Christopher Harig, Assistant Professor, Geophysics, Department of Geosciences, PhD, 2010 University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Co, My research studies changes in the modern climate on the surface of the Earth and their interaction with the solid Earth below. Research in the lab lies in three areas in this broad framework: 1) mass balance of ice sheets and glaciers, 2) geodynamics and rheology of the upper mantle, and 3) linking local changes in Earth's gravity (and hence mass) to local causes. We also develop mathematical methods to carry out our work(link is external) and release much of them as open-source software packages online.

Charles Hutchinson, Professor Emeritus, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, PhD, 1978, University of California, Riverside (Geography). Remote sensing and geographic information systems for natural resource monitoring, primarily in arid lands.

Chris Lukinbeal, Associate Professor and Director of the Masters of Science in GIST, School of Geography and Development, PhD, 2000, San Diego State/University of California, Santa Barbara (Geography). Cinema and media emphasizing the relationship between political economy and cultural studies, on location filming, Geographic media literacy, Geographies of media form.  

David Moore, Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, PhD, 2005, University of Illinois (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology). Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry, Geospatial Science and Modeling, Global Change Management, Plant and Soil Ecology, Remote Sensing.

Donald Myers, Emeritus Professor, Department of Mathematics, PhD, 1960, University of Illinois (Mathematics). Multivariate geostatistics, applications in hydrology, soil science, geosciences, environmental monitoring and assessment, ecology, image analysis.

Sudha Ram, Professor, Eller College of Management, PhD, 1985, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Management Information Systems). Business Intelligence and web analytics, Social media analytics, Enterprise data management, Data Provenance and semantic interoperability.

David Romano, Professor, The School of Anthropology, PhD, 1981, University of Pennsylvania (Classical Archaeology). Greek and Roman cities, sanctuaries and landscapes, Greek and Roman architecture, Computer applications in archaeology including digital cartography, GIS, remote sensing and spatial analysis, Greek and Roman athletics and the ancient Olympic Games.

Philip Slater, Professor Emeritus, College of Optical Sciences, PhD, 1958, Imperial College, UK (Applied Optics). Absolute radiometric calibration of multispectral imaging systems. Remote sensing methodology, particularly atmospheric correction for reflectance retrieval.

William K. Smith, Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environmnent, PhD, 2013.Ph.D., University of Montana (Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences). Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry, Geospatial Science and Modeling, Remote Sensing.

Elizabeth Tellman, Assistant Professor, School of Geography, Development & Environment. Human-environmental geographer, seeking to address the causes and consequences of global environmental change for vulnerable populations, with a focus on flood risk and land use change. 

Craig Wissler, Associate Professor of Practice, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, M.L.A. 1993, University of Arizona (Landscape Architecture). Geospatial Science and Modeling.

Xubin Zeng, Professor, Department of Atmopheric Science,University of Arizona.UA Climate Dynamics and Hydrometeorology Center (CDHC)