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Academic Opportunities

UofA geospatial technology

The University of Arizona offers a unique opportunity to pursue a multidisciplinary Ph.D. minor degree in remote sensing and related fields in spatial analysis. The breadth and depth of courses offered in these fields is unmatched by any other institution.

Our academic program covers all aspects of remote sensing and spatial analysis, including:

  • The fundamentals of the physics and optics of remote sensing
  • The fundamentals of cartography, particularly in the digital representation and manipulation of maps
  • The tools of remote sensing and spatial analysis such as image processing, pattern recognition, geostatistics and geographic information systems, and
  • The application of remote sensing and spatial analysis in the fields of agriculture, anthropology, astronomy, engineering, geography, geology, hydrology, planetary sciences, and renewable natural resources.

Although there are no formal minor degrees offered at the Masters level, students may take any of the courses listed below as part of their academic program. The curriculum is supplemented by numerous funded research projects in both applied and basic aspects of remote sensing.

A graduate student wishing to minor in remote sensing and spatial analysis may major in any field. Two options are available to accommodate the diversity of backgrounds and interests among students interested in remote sensing and spatial analysis. The first option is Remote Sensing Science, which is intended to meet the needs of students concerned with the basic nature of remote sensing. The second option, Spatial Analysis, is intended to serve students interested in remote sensing and spatial analysis as tools in their discipline.

Last updated 9 Apr 2014