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Current Students with a Minor in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Current Students Major Research (keywords) Email
Arora, Mona Geography

Developing a Public Health Relevant Framework for Improved Integration of Climate Science to Decision-making
Francis, Juanita Natural Resources sends e-mail)
Gillan, Jeffrey Natural Resources Studies Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Photogrammetry, Rangeland Monitoring 
Lee, Ryan H Arid Lands Resource Sciences Linkage Between Landscape Changes, Water Resource Management and Climate. Soil, Water, Vegetation Assessment. sends e-mail)
MacFarland, Kathryn Anne Anthropology Sheis developing ways to empirically study the religion of Scythians, Saka, and Xiongnu of Iron Age (ca. 1,000-100 BCE) Central Eurasia.
Moses, Victoria Carley Anthropology Her focus is on faunal analysis in the Mediterranean.
Phelps, Danielle Oriana Anthropology

GIS/Remote Sensing Applications in Mortuary Contexts of Ancient Egypt.
Sall, Ibrahima Arid Lands Resource Sciences Economic and agricultural policy and development in sub-Saharan Africa with emphasis in analytical approaches involving spatial data use, spatial econometric methods and those that use geographic information systems (GIS) techniques.
Zhang, Daile Atmospheric Sciences Lightning Physics and Detection
Zhang, Yinan Geography GIS, climate changing, and evironmental protection
Last updated 23 Aug 2017